Creating Prosperity Through Sustainability

Thinking Green

“I really appreciate the younger generation caring for the Earth, for each other, for our diversity, and knowing they can truly make a difference.”

Be the Change Agent

Right now, Realtors have a golden opportunity to make a positive impact regarding sustainability.

We are on the front lines of conversations about housing and talk to people who are buying, selling, and renting homes.  We work with builders, remodeling companies and investors.  The majority of our vendors are within the building industry, and we network with governments and nonprofits concerning affordable housing.
Imagine if energy efficiency, water savings, and high-performance building techniques were more important than square footage and floor plans.  That would have a huge impact on climate change and sustainability in general! MORE…



Green Building & Sustainability

Mary Love Consulting demonstrates that with making thoughtful, easy, day-to-day changes, living green is attainable for everyone.

Implementing recycling, reusing, re-purposing, eco-consciousness, green building, organic, or zero waste principles is easy and doable. 

Creating a Green – Sustainable Culture

Small and large businesses, schools, nonprofit organizes often have sustainability goals in their master plans.  All too often these goals are never addressed or fall short of the original inspiration.  Creating a sustainable culture requires planning and easy steps to allow the majority to take action.  Consistent expectations and required actions are imperative to creating a sustainable culture. Making sure new personal understand those expectation and learn how to follow through on them is often the missing link for success. Mary Love will help you take realistic steps to ensure the long-lasting benefits of a sustainable culture within your organization.

Marketing Green – Sustainable

Mary Love has been promoting and marketing Green Building since 2004.  She sees marketing as an educational tool. Mary will help you design marketing tool for your targeted audience. The general public, Realtors, builders, developers and government officials all have different interest and reasons for Green/sustainable projects. Marketing is more effective when those needs and reasons are addressed in a marketing campaign. Mary, will work within your current marketing structure or help design an entire new campaign.

Agrihood Farms and Communities

The main reason Mary Love became a Realtor was to find a way to honor the small farmer.  She watched small family farms being developed into tract home projects and knew there had to be a better way.  Today, agrihoods are a vehicle to change how we develop land. It is our opportunity to create meaningful neighborhoods that connect people and the land.  These agrihood communities are varied in location, style, and size.  Mary will guide you through any or all of the various stages: land selection, development planning, marketing, and community buy in to the farm part of the development.

Connecting the Dots – Green Lifestyle

So often people feel overwhelmed by a situation or project.  Fear of what seems to big to change can lead to doing nothing.  The topic of climate change has put some people into panic and others into denial. However, the idea of sustainability and honoring the earth has been ongoing and small actions have been creating positive change.  The issue is often that we do not recognize how everything is connected, therefore we don’t recognize positive growth.  Regardless of the topic, housing, diversity, environment, Mary Love will guide you to help see the big picture and break it into reasonable actions while helping you see how it is all related.