Every presentation Mary delivers is uniquely designed to result in positive and meaningful improvements to his client organization’s culture and work environment.
To achieve this outcome, Mary will request short (30 minute) meetings with no more than 8 key representatives from across the widest spectrum of perspectives possible within the organization. These meetings will be with those at the highest levels of authority, others who are supervisors or middle managers and still others who have more modest responsibilities. Some will have long tenure and others will be relatively new to the organization. These conversations will also need to be with people who are in favor of their existing work environment and with others who are more challenged and may have strong concerns about the current status of the organization. Everyone’s perspective adds to the whole.
All of these conversations are best done individually and in person or through Zoom conferencing. The selection of these individuals are best determined by the head of your HR program or someone in a comparable position and approved by organizational leadership. Also, someone within the organization will need to arrange these meetings and provide Mary with an introduction that he will provide, a schedule with meeting dates and times, and contact information (phone and email address) for each interviewee.
As Mary meets with these representatives, she will ask open ended questions about how each one views the effectiveness of existing protocols and she will listen intently to their viewpoints on the state of your organization. From these conversations and with her extensive coaching and organizational leadership experience, Mary will summarize the most significant challenges facing the organization. With positive insights and encouragement she will offer fresh perspectives, inviting her audience to consider greater possibilities for their organization’s effectiveness and success.